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Zombies vs Robots + Michael Bay = Splosions!!

How could someone like Michael Bay, known for blowing shit up, make a zombie film? By making the comic Zombies VS Robots into a movie, that’s how! Now, before you picture Transformers demolishing the mall in Dawn of the Dead, let me tell you something about the graphic novel by Chris Ryall & Ashley Wood.

The illustrations remind me of the somewhat abstract creations you’d find in Heavy Metal magazine, mixing it up with watercolor, ink, and a few other mediums. The zombies look like some raggedy beasties, and the robots are some chunky bad-ass forms.

The general story is that some scientists screwing around with dimensions bring about a zombie virus that wipes out the world’s population, with the exception of one uninfected baby. The robots want to clone the baby to bring back their human masters. The zombies, functioning with a hive mentality, are determined to get to the last living human on Earth, but they have to get through the army of robots. Hence, Zombies vs. Robots. (Hardcore fans might even tell you about a third faction – some sexy Amazons that would put the chicks from Resident Evil to shame, but no mention has been made if they will be included in the movie.)

Seeing as how we’re all still waiting for World War Z to hit the big screen, I wouldn’t get too worked up just yet though.

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