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Zombiephiles at Flint Horror Con 2011

A little over a week ago (Oct 29th, 2011), I went to the Flint Horror Convention in Michigan. This was the first year for the event, but you would never have guessed it. Geary Roe, Chris Ringler and some of their friends had the brilliant idea to create a special annual event for all the horror fans in Michigan. Their goal was “a day where they can get together and have fun, watch some movies, dress up in costumes, and pick up something scary from our vendors and all for a low entry price.” They did a fabulous job!

While I missed the panel that featured the author of Fleshbags, Gerald Dean Rice, I was able to catch a couple of other panels; one was about “Making Independent Horror Films,” which was where I met David Hayes. David made such an impression on me that I bought three of his DVDs while I was at the con. The other panel was one that I could not miss — Evil Dead: Memories and Making Indie Horror in Michigan.

(L-R: Delrich, Becker and Sullivan from Evil Dead.)

Hal Delrich (“Scotty”), Josh Becker and Tom Sullivan were on hand for the Evil Dead panel. I asked them a few questions, including, “Did you ever imagine the movie would have such a cult following years later?” The three expressed similar responses that they were surprised by how well the movie did. They also shared stories about Raimi and Campbell on set.

Silver Bullet Pictures

The quality of the vendors artwork was astounding, as well as the diversity of the vending booths. Some favorite zombie vendors were Silver Bullet Pictures (creator of Beaver Lake Zombies) and the guys from The Italian Zombie Movie. Of course, Zombie Apocalypse Redemption had a booth there as well. Attending were director, Ryan Thompson, and lead actor, Johnny Gel. I took my turn manning the booth, giving me the opportunity to hand out some info about The Zombiephiles, as well as meeting fellow zombie fans.


Johnny Gel and Ryan Thompson, Zombie Apocalypse Redemption booth

I’m thinking The Zombiephiles will have its own booth at next year’s con, since we’re trying to be more than just an online presence in the zombie community. I am also hoping the Flint Horror Con will feature a zombie panel in 2012. (Hint-ity, hint, hint.)

Ads of the Living Dead.