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Yeah…Another Zombie Guide…But This One Is Damn Funny [Review]

Zombie Apocalypse Preparation: How to Survive in an Undead World and Have Fun Doing It! by David Houchins and Scot Thomas begins with a foreword that provides some insight on how their influences – everything from Romero to Monty Python – helped spawn their undead creation. I’ve read so many survival guides that my first reaction is to go Scarface on the authors when another guide is published, but in this case, Houchins and Thomas surprised me with a prep-book that I found refreshing, entertaining, and worthy of 5 stars.

Each chapter opens with a quote from Scot Thomas that some Facebook fans might recognize from online posts. The humorous content is over-the-top (kind of like Spaceballs with zombies), poking fun at various horror movie concepts, and discussing the debates within zombie literature. It’s just as meticulously detailed as Max Brook’s Zombie Survival Guide, but where the ZSG is serious, the ZAP is comedic insanity…but the kind of insanity that makes sense in a really disturbing way.

The ZAP covers topics such as the nature of zombie infection, levels of outbreaks, an abundance of weapons (that was the best I’ve ever seen – very inclusive), types of transportation, and places of refuge. My personal favorite was the section on “whiners,” but the rebuilding section at the end was like a luxuriously rich dessert after a gut-busting meal: part of you says, “This is too much,” while you continue to greedily devour what has been placed before you.

The illustrations are simple sketches, but strategically placed throughout the chapters to emphasize certain subjects. The ZAP gave me a definite impression that Houchins and Thomas have read their share of survival guides (zombie and non-zombie) as well.

I think that this guide, along with War Against The Walking Dead, would make the perfect gift set for the zombie survivalist in your family.

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