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Why Zombie Outbreak Preparation Isn’t So Crazy After All

Let’s be frank, Zombiephiles. Your collective spouses, loved ones and family members probably think you’re a little bit off the deep end, stockpiling food, water and blunt weapons in your basement against the eventual likelihood of a zombie outbreak and subsequent zombie apocalypse. This zombiephile understands – he’s had more than a few eyebrows raised in his general direction over the course of his life in general, and since starting this blog in particular.

But here’s the thing – Zombie outbreak prevention may not be as crazy as it sounds. Think about it.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, it took the government and FEMA days to bring help to the survivors huddled in the Superdome. When the New York power outage happened, some people didn’t have basic services restored for three days. Even this year’s winter storms left Americans huddled around makeshift heating sources while the government struggled to bring power back online.

In every one of those cases, if people had been prepared for a zombie outbreak, they would have been prepared for what befell them. The thing about zombie outbreak survival preparation is that it’s a blanket that falls over all disaster readiness. If you’re prepared for Zombies, if you’re prepared for a global outbreak of epic proportions, then you’re ready for most of what nature can throw at you.

You’ll have food and water stockpiled, enough to last through the initial wave of a zombie outbreak, or a more mundane outbreak of SARS or Avian Flu. You’ll have a small stockpile of essential survival items, in case you need to bug out fast – meaning that if flood waters come, you’ll have everything sitting in a bag, ready to get out of dodge. If, god forbid, the government should fall and anarchy were to sweep over us, you’d have a small stockpile of weapons to protect your home and your family.

The truth is, NOT being prepared for a disaster is FAR more insane than being prepared for a zombie outbreak. At least the latter means you’re prepared – and we all know what they say about an ounce of preparation.

Zombiephiles of the world, prepare!


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  2. Itty Bitty

    I agree completely! Zombie preparation is essentially an amalgamation of riot and disaster preparation which are common occurrences globally if not nationally. Lately it seems, the problems that typically hit other countries have been affecting richer and supposedly more equipped nations as well… Making zombie prep a very reasonable if unconventional hobby.

  3. zfreak

    Thank you Thank you I am printing this out to show every one next time they laugh when at my supply shopping.

  4. Josella

    Would Zombiephiles manage to counter the triffid threat? Remember zombies eventually die; triffids just keep on reproducing.

  5. A.R.M

    I agree. I’m starting today to stockpile for this very purpose.

  6. Iv been preparing my whole life for a large scale apocalypse of some sort.. (zombie’s) people around me just do not understand how relevent and easy it could accure srry bout the spelling its been 28 hours since i last got sleep. and Im to lazy to fix it.

  7. kimberly

    if they can make a whole sheep out of nothing…why can’t we accept what they could do with a dead body? i just think it is ridiculous not to accept that it’s just a matter of time until something bad happens, in the meantime i will still go to work in the morning but…i won’t stand around going, ‘what is happening?’ when it goes down….

  8. Jesus

    Wow,thats true dude…

  9. collin 911

    do you think h1n1 can mutate in to some kind of virus that has zombie like symptoms.

  10. Jade

    I want to just remind everyone, it is human nature to go into shock and try to come up with “reasonable explanations” for why the Henderson’s have just broken through the front window of the Nelson house and are eating them on the front lawn. It is a natural reaction, but the more “drills” you run on how to react, the more likely you are to snap out of it and protect yourself (and loved ones) from becoming desert. Do not stock pile and forget, practice and prepare! Oh, also, storing water in plastic bottles is a bad idea. If you must, then you need to add a tiny amount of non-scented liquid bleach (about 2 drops per gallon) to prevent the growth of any bacteria. Do not store your supplies in an area with fluctuating temperature (like under the house).

  11. Exmortis


    That isn’t why you guys stockpile. You do it for a zombie outbreak. Your just making excuses because your embarrassed about your paranoia. Don’t worry, it is a relatively common mental disorder.

    Due to previous experience dealing with people suffering chronic religious delusions, radical theists. I doubt that this will have much effect on you…

    Even if you are unaware of it, you are afraid of a religion that has been integrated into pop culture. Hence your irrational attempts to protect yourself from something that only exists in games and movies.

    The diagnostic is simple.
    “Zombies, are fictional”

    Should a zombie outbreak ever occur then I will adapt to the situation, judge the severity of any problems that arise and deal with the problem accordingly. But, if you base your rationality around fictional information then you will be seen as somebody suffering under a delusion.

    I am not telling you how to act. I am just giving you the facts.

  12. Hmmm, Zombiephiles, what do you think of Exmortis’ inflammatory comments? Although I will accept that being a Zombiephile is, well, on the same level as being, for example, a Catholic, my inclination is to say…to the Zombies with him!

  13. Bob

    Although honestly, I don’t even use excuses. I just say it could happen and that’s that. But then again I’ve got a short range radar watching those godless commies.

  14. kendra

    I would just like to say that saying you’ll ”adapt to the situation” is just ignorant. try to adapt to being unfit and running out of breath while zombies are running full speed trying to eat your brain. they dont get tired. duh. and on another note, preparation of any kind is the smartest thing u can do to protect your family. Its just selfish to say you’ll deal with it when it comes because all of your love ones might not be so lucky if their not as fit as you or disabled.

  15. I doubt zombies would run, well maybe a freshly turned one would, but i agree with the rest. You can’t adapt cause that’s what the other (soon to be zombie) people will do and you’ll most likely get killed trying to get supplies at wal mart. Meanwhile the rest of us zombiphiles will already have our supplies..and we will overcome the zombie hoards.

  16. Terminator Of Zombies

    Virus h1n1 can’t be the virus that make a human in a zombie the virus h1n1 can make a human in a zombie only then when the virus mutate and i say you what a virus make out that virus h1n4 or Zombie virus

  17. Ravenwing

    2012, Zombies are coming.

  18. Jon Jordan

    I have been saying this for years! I tell my friends and family I am preparing for a zombie Apocalypse (tounge in cheek) but in reality I am preparing for a natural or man made disaster. I do stock pile food,water,guns and ammo but not for the far fetched zombie scenario, but for what is more likely to happen, Civil unrest, flood, or war.

  19. June 21st, 2011 at 3:53 PM

    I have been saying this for years! I tell my friends and family I am preparing for a zombie Apocalypse (tounge in cheek) but in reality I am preparing for a natural or man made disaster. I do stock pile food,water,guns and ammo but not for the far fetched zombie scenario, but for what is more likely to happen, Civil unrest, flood, or war.

  20. Tabitha Williams

    Whatever happens make sure you have your supplies together. Your not coming to my house!!!

  21. Open Minded

    I am not a zombiephile…what ever that is, but I do have a little to say to those skeptics out there who may believe that zombies could only exist in fictional movies. Real zombies can exist through ancient voodoo rituals and controled by some sort of witch doctor to do their biddings…whatever that may be…including physically harming another person. AND in the Holy Bible (teachings I deeply believe) the book of Isaiah speaks about the dead rising and walking the earth. Now if you are not into spirituality, just take a look at how corrupt our government is. Everyday they take our tax dollars and do research and experimentation on God only knows what! And I don’t think they would let the cat out the bag if they ever came up with some type of virus that could wipe out the country by way of zombies. My point is I think we should at least be open-minded to the possibility that zombies may in fact one day walk the earth…sooner or later.

  22. Spartarcad

    Zombiephile I believe, in your good self I have discovered a kindred spirit. The first time I watched ‘Return of the Living Dead’ by G A Romero with my naïve parents, something profound inside was awoken. I being only Ten/eleven at the time requisitioned tins of alphabet soup from the pantry and fashioned a primitive spear from a mop handle, a kitchen knife and duck tape (distance/proximity being key to thwarting zombie bites) that glorious pike I hid under my bed until discovered by said parents and confiscated. It is well many of us find this potential plague of flesh devouring ghouls terrifying! Also I would advocate (although keep this to oneself) a contingency plan for abandoning ones noisy, disbelieving, ‘lets find Rex mummy’ family and going ‘lone-wolf’ for reasons which should be apparent – in a world full of zombies you’ll never be LONELY! I live in Lincoln, England we have a fully locked down Castle for tourist season and the like – makes one ponder!

  23. Brice

    That guy is right though. Planning for a zombie outbreak is somewhat unhealthy, unless it is just a generic term used like “Sh*t hitting the fan” or “the end of the world as we know it”. If you have seen a lot of zombie films then you have already done the prep work needed to survive a zombie outbreak, the psychological acceptance that you would have to do some harsh stuff to walking dead bodies in order to live. I think that is the one reason why they overwhelm the population like they do in the films.
    Mind you, I love zombie films, and the ones where it becomes a global disaster are the best ones. I like to imagine “what would I do?” as much as the next guy. But I plan for disasters, peak oil, financial collapse, food cost skyrocketing, natural disasters, etc. I also like to read those lists people make on amazon. The zombie preparedness lists are full of motorcycle armor, paintball masks, and gerber machetes. The real disaster lists are full of water purifiers, food, cooking utensils, flashlights, first-aid kits, rope, tarps, rain coats, gloves, etc. I would rather be with the guy who had legitimate survival equipment even in a zombie outbreak. That idiot with the motorcycle armor and machete? He’s gonna lose his mind shortly and I don’t want to be near him.

  24. InstantZombiesGonnaGetYou

    Love this tongue and cheek conversations which allows the world to prepare for anything. Thanks for sharing.

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