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Why Zombie Outbreak Preparation Isn’t So Crazy After All

Let’s be frank, Zombiephiles. Your collective spouses, loved ones and family members probably think you’re a little bit off the deep end, stockpiling food, water and blunt weapons in your basement against the eventual likelihood of a zombie outbreak and subsequent zombie apocalypse. This zombiephile understands – he’s had more than a few eyebrows raised in his general direction over the course of his life in general, and since starting this blog in particular.

But here’s the thing – Zombie outbreak prevention may not be as crazy as it sounds. Think about it.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, it took the government and FEMA days to bring help to the survivors huddled in the Superdome. When the New York power outage happened, some people didn’t have basic services restored for three days. Even this year’s winter storms left Americans huddled around makeshift heating sources while the government struggled to bring power back online.

In every one of those cases, if people had been prepared for a zombie outbreak, they would have been prepared for what befell them. The thing about zombie outbreak survival preparation is that it’s a blanket that falls over all disaster readiness. If you’re prepared for Zombies, if you’re prepared for a global outbreak of epic proportions, then you’re ready for most of what nature can throw at you.

You’ll have food and water stockpiled, enough to last through the initial wave of a zombie outbreak, or a more mundane outbreak of SARS or Avian Flu. You’ll have a small stockpile of essential survival items, in case you need to bug out fast – meaning that if flood waters come, you’ll have everything sitting in a bag, ready to get out of dodge. If, god forbid, the government should fall and anarchy were to sweep over us, you’d have a small stockpile of weapons to protect your home and your family.

The truth is, NOT being prepared for a disaster is FAR more insane than being prepared for a zombie outbreak. At least the latter means you’re prepared – and we all know what they say about an ounce of preparation.

Zombiephiles of the world, prepare!

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