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Thrilling Conclusion To Alaskan Undead Apocalypse

Back in 2012, I began the journey with Schubert’s Infection; I still think it’s one of the top three zombie series that I’ve ever read. Containment was slow yet satisfying. Mitigation brought us up to speed with characters from the beginning of the outbreak.

Resolution by Sean Schubert is the best book in the series…it wrapped up loose ends without winding down – even in the epilogue! It also gives readers background stories to members of the militia group, in addition to deeper connections between the survivors in Neil’s group.

There are several new characters, creating some truly unexpected scenes (loved the addition of William), and a zombie horde on nearly every other page – no one ever dies the same way…Schubert is quite creative when it comes to killing his characters with the undead.

I will never look at Alaska the same way again.

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