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Theatrical Zombies Hit The Stage

Michigan is a breeding ground for zombiephiles…for instance, Sam Raimi, creator of Evil Dead is from Michigan. Kim Paffenroth, author of the Dying to Live series, used to live in Michigan & still continues to visit (the museum in the first book is based on the Grand Rapids Public Museum). Twice, Grand Rapids, Michigan became the site of the two largest zombie walks in the world (unfortunately, Rob Bliss has yet to file the correct paperwork with Guinness World Records before his zombie events to make it official.) There is even a group called The Michigan Zombie Club that has sponsored events like Zombie Awareness Day & Zombie Infiltration Day.



Now Michigan zombiephiles have brought the undead to the theatre. In October, from the 14th through the 30th, “Night of the Living Dead” will be performed at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. The play will be based on the 1968 cult classic, and they even had a t-shirt competition to help promote the upcoming show. It will be the first GRCT production by Director Susan Strohmer, but she is a self-admitted zombie fan, and she has some serious horror effects planned for the audience’s viewing pleasure.


You can find the schedule here, and purchase tickets here.


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