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The Zombie Whisperer [Book Review]

zombie-whisperer-book-steven-wedelThe Zombie Whisperer and Other Weird Tales by Steven E. Wedel is not strictly a zombie anthology, but rather a collection of four stories including two about the undead. Wedel did an incredible job of providing entertaining short stories for any horror fan, and I hope the author writes more zombie stories in the future. The two stories worthy of The Zombiephiles are The Zombie Whisperer and Dead Betty.

The Zombie Whisperer is about a man named Dr. Dragoon, who claims to be able to make a psychic connection with zombies. Jana, and her group of survivors, put the doctor to the test. In this apocalyptic scenario, greed is the driving force.

Dead Betty was some of the sickest, most graphic undead action that I’ve ever read, and I’ve read the Extreme Undead Collection by Armand Rosamilia. Do yourselves a favor, and skip eating before you read this story…calling it descriptive would be an understatement – just goes to show that you shouldn’t fuck around with the undead (pun intended).

I’m really glad that I picked up this collection, even if all the stories were not undead tales…still a great horror collection.

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