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The Z-Boat Series Has Reached Z-End [Book Review]

Z-End by Suzanne Robb begins a few months after Book 2 ends. Ally is severely underappreciated, she is surrounded by people going insane, and the new zombie mutation has made the undead nearly impossible to kill. Despite everything that happened in the first two books, Ally has found a few people to care about, and she is determined to find a safe place for them. She just needs to stay alive long enough to see her plan through.

More details are revealed about the source of the outbreak, but Ally is more concerned with uncovering the reason for the downfall of several other survivor groups, before she loses what little she has left. It’s looking like the end of the human race, once and for all.

Robb does an excellent job of mixing mystery and suspense into the horror of her zombie series!

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