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The Undead Rise Again [Book Review]

Age of The Dead, the second book in the Rise series by Gareth Wood, is a vast improvement over the first installment. I love all the changes that Wood has made to his series: no longer in journal format, some dialogue, and several characters die. In addition to the changes in the author’s writing style, I also enjoyed the increased focus on the Cold Lake scavenging team led by Brian, allowing readers to relate on a more personal level with the members.

Even though it’s only been about eight months since I read the first book, I couldn’t remember anything about the characters…normally, this would have bothered me, but since I wasn’t exactly a fan of Rise, reading Age of The Dead with a clean slate provided a more engaging experience. The POV is still Brian’s (the one keeping the journal in Rise), and a large portion of the story is told in first person, but there is more interaction between the characters in real time, rather than reflecting on past events, as Brian did with the journal entries in the first book. I think readers will be able to into the action more this time around.

While the author expands somewhat on the juicy tidbit about the zombies at the end of Rise, readers still don’t learn much more about the undead, so the series remains more about what people are willing to do for survival, rather than digging into the cause/source of the apocalypse.

I’m looking forward to continuing this series.

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