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The Necrovirus Has Been Released! [Review]

Necrophobia (Book 1, Wake The Dead) by Jack Hamlyn was a refreshing surprise; I decided to read it when I saw that it was published by Severed Press, and – once again – those guys have proved they know what zombiephiles want. It all begins with a scream…

Steve, an Iraqi vet, finds one of his neighbors being attacked by another neighbor that had been buried a week earlier, after dying from a heart attack. As soon as I read that the zombies were coming from a nearby cemetery, I was wondering how Hamlyn was going to pull off a serious story without causing flashbacks to Return of the Living Dead. Not to mention the fact that the main character is surprisingly accepting about the situation. We’re not even talking about a fictional zombiephile – just some guy who happens to find zombies wandering through the neighborhood!!

Then Steve drops a SERIOUS bombshell with just one casual statement, causing me to nearly drop my Kindle, and it will no doubt shock other readers as well. Fantastic hook by Hamlyn!

I don’t want to ruin any surprises (and there a LOT), but the zombie outbreak is being caused by a “necrovirus,” and one character mentions something about it being airborne, which would explain why both buried and fresh corpses are affected. However, the details are pretty sketchy as the story is told strictly from the POV of Steve, who is too busy trying to save his family to stop and ponder the nature of the virus. It’s slightly frustrating, but makes for a solid, exciting start to this new zombie series.

Book 2 is also available.

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