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The Living Dead Series Lives On [Book Review]

The Living Dead Series by Joseph Souza has been one hell of a ride. If I hadn’t gotten the first two books at the same time, I might not have ever gotten past the first installment. However, I’m glad that I did, and I have become a huge fan of Souza’s in the process.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think that Darmageddon was as strong as the second installment, but it was still better than the first book. There was just too much repetition followed by sudden jumps in the timeline. The characters would spend pages and pages doing the same thing: run from the military, stop to take a break, fight zombies, rinse, repeat…you get the idea. When there was a change in events, there was usually a large leap in time – weeks or even months.

I LOVE the development of the main character, Dar; one of Souza’s strong points is the growth of his characters, and the way they interact with one another. The characters are radically different from the first two books – AS THEY SHOULD BE. Let’s face it: no one is going to be the same person after journeying cross-country in a zombie apocalypse.

I thought this was the last book in a trilogy, but, based on the ending, I wouldn’t be surprised if Souza decided to continue the series. There was only one loose end for me: General Townsend, but Souza could probably write another two full-length books with the direction that he has taken in this series.

Some authors are better at stand-alone novels, others excel with writing book series. Souza is definitely an author who knows how to write a quality zombie series. I also recommend his latest work, The Liger Plague.

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