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The Crossing in McKinney’s Dead World

The Crossing is much shorter than I expected…not unlike zombie flash fiction. It takes place in the setting of the Dead World series, which fans will really enjoy. Samantha is a reporter who snuck into the Zone to expose the government’s lies about the infection and the people who were trapped there. She joins up with a small group right away, and befriends a woman named Jessica. Almost immediately the group is wiped out by an undead horde, but Jessica & Samantha survive, and try to find a “coyote” to help them cross into Free America. The ending was a bit of a surprise, and I’m hoping McKinney might do a follow-up with the character Samantha.

It’s the same thrilling ride that McKinney always provides with his apocalyptic nightmares; the only possible complaint is that it’s just enough to whet the appetite, but leaves you as ravenous as the undead.

When digging around his website to see if McKinney was planning any more of these zombie treats, I found an elaborately written Reader’s Guide to Dead World, discussing Dead City, Apocalypse of the Dead, Flesh Eaters, The Zombie King (to be released in April 2012) and the other stories making up the Dead World Series. He writes about his inspirations, the characters, the geography, and many other features of the series.

In addition to The Crossing, Print Is Dead also provides four lengthy previews of other zombie novels they have available:

Pray To Stay Dead by Mason James Cole
World In Red by John Sebastian Gorumba
Scavengers by Nate Southard
Reanimated Americans by Martin Mundt

Ads of the Living Dead.