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Surprise Sequel: Deadland’s Harvest [Book Review]

Deadland’s Harvest by Rachel Aukes is a welcomed sequel. I thought 100 Days in Deadland was a stand-alone, so, not only was I surprised that a sequel was written, but I was impressed with the creative way Aukes continued the saga. She didn’t use any over-the-top theatrics to include several characters from the first book.

Based on Dante’s Inferno, but very original, Aukes describes the seven levels of hell through the experiences of a woman named Cash. The sequel begins right where the first book ended. Clutch managed to survive as well, but he has a severe spinal injury. As if the survivors of Camp Fox didn’t have enough work recovering from the recent Dog attack, there are now several large herds merging into one, and headed for the camp. Cash and the others are forced to find a new home on the river, but once again they find themselves facing more than one threat to their survival.

I love the growth of the characters from the beginning of the outbreak to the current point in the storyline, but I am getting frustrated with the lack of development in Cash’s relationship with Clutch. After everything they’ve faced, I can’t believe they are still struggling to admit their feelings to one another…and to themselves.

It’s been very entertaining to see how Aukes has continued her interpretation of Dante’s work. Using classic literature to provide the backbone to this undead series has provided a depth not normally found within the horror genre.

I look forward to the next book in her series!

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