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Solar Flare – An Online Zombie Novel

Everytime this zombiephile turns around, he’s excited to see more and more zombie fans producing their own zombie novels online. A couple of months ago we let you know about The Return Man, a pretty sweet web-based zombie novel, and now we’re happy to tell you about Solar Flare, a new online zombie novel that’s already got ten chapters under its belt. Written by a true zombiephile, Solar Flare is the story of a world ravaged by the walking dead and the few who dare to stand against them.

With new chapters coming out frequently, Solar Flare is most definitely worth your time to check out – and, as an online zombie novel, it’s completely free, which is always a plus in this zombiephile’s book. Make sure you drop the author, Maria, a line and let her know what you think of her zombie novel! She’s a Madison, Wisconsin zombiephile with a zombie escape plan – but she’s keeping it a secret.

Thanks to Maria for taking the time to share Solar Flare with this zombiephile! Now, if you all will excuse me, I’ve got a few chapters of Solar Flare to get caught up on.

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