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“So Now You’re a Zombie” is a Very Different Kind of Zombie Handbook

When it comes to zombie survival handbooks, these days you’ve pretty much got your pick. But as any recently-deceased zombie will tell you, practically every zombie guide on the market makes one fatal flaw – they assume that you’re not already a zombie. And therein lies a market white space – since even conservative projections put the final zombie/human ratio at somewhere around 1000/1, the market has been clamoring for a different kind of zombie handbook – one that presumes that the reader is recently zombified.

So Now You’re a Zombie: A Handbook for the Newly Undead is just that handbook. A very different kind of zombie survival guide, “So Now You’re a Zombie” offers advice to the very recently undead to afford them the very best opportunities for post-zombification life.

Packed with 150+ awesome illustrations, this zombie guide is a must-have for true zombiephiles – after all, if your zombie survival guides don’t work out for you, you’re definitely going to need a guide written specifically for zombies. Author and artist John Austin’s tongue-in-cheek humor perfectly compliments the subject matter, maintaining a deadpan tone throughout the book that amplifies the underlying comedy inherent to a survival guide for zombies.

Each chapter of “So Now You’re a Zombie” explores a different aspect of the zombie post-life-cycle, including chapters like “Your Zombie Body,” a guide to the biological changes a recently-converted zombie may experience, and “Hunting for Brains,” a section which covers zombie hunting techniques designed for optimal brain nommage.

I can even recommend this book for non-zombies, since it will give the uninfected zombiephiles of the world a chance to see things from a zombie’s perspective, potentially increasing their own life expectancy in the process. Indeed, with Christmas right around the corner, you shouldn’t have to look much farther than So Now You’re a Zombie: A Handbook for the Newly Undead to satisfy that special zombiephile in your life, recently zombiefied or not.

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