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RETRO REVIEW: Don Roff’s Zombies

In Zombies: A Record Year of Infection, Don Roff did a great job providing another twist in the zombie genre. Unlike the survivor’s journal Day by Day Armageddon, this is more like a research journal complete with statistical research, illustrations, and personal experiences. However, despite being well-documented, the survival information is more sporadic than the ZSG.

People fell ill, died, and reanimated. No scientific explanation. In some cases, infection spread without bites or any other obvious contact. Mobility/strength depends on the original physical fitness of the person and bodily damage, but variables like rigor mortis are unknown. While some of the personal accounts may remind you of other zombie-apocalypse stories (ex: pharmaceutical company may have had a hand in it), there are a few sick surprises that I haven’t come across in my zombie obsession.

I totally loved that it takes place in the year 2012. I really felt like I was reading someone’s notebook with drawings, rather than a graphic novel. There is no lack of gore, for those of you who prefer the gut-ripping undead. Even though the book is written from the doctor’s point-of-view, the other characters were believable, as far as their decisions, reactions, and so forth.

If you truly believe yourself to be a zombie fanatic (or your friends tell you to “shut up about zombies, already”), you definitely need to add this to your collection.

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