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New Zombie Miniseries [Book Review]

british-zombie-breakout-castle-peter-salisbury-image1British Zombie Breakout Part One: The Castle by Peter Salisbury immediately establishes that this is not the first zombie outbreak that the characters have had to deal with, although the characters do not seem to fare much better, apparently having gotten too comfortable living somewhat normal lives again, and, therefore, their evacuate-by-boat plan falls through. The two groups of survivors, some adults and some students, then decide to make for the village’s nearby castle.

The POV switches back and forth from the adults to the children, until the groups merge onto the same location, which kept the action flowing, but I would have liked a third POV from the soldiers who appear to be shooting anything on two legs.

This is a strong start to a series that would definitely appeal to YA horror fiction fans, as well as zombiephiles who would like to share their love of zombies with the young readers in their lives.

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