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New Z Plan Series [Book Review]

Mikhail Lerma is the author of the Z Plan series. I committed to reading and reviewing the first two books of the series, so I’m recommending the Z Plan series, even though I thought Blood On The Sand was a weak start. After having read the second book, I think the story becomes much more interesting, and the author’s writing becomes much stronger. I ended up enjoying this story, but I had to give three stars because I think a lot of people will be tempted to pass up the Z Plan series based on the first installment, and that would be a shame.

At first, I didn’t even like the main character. I kept wondering why he even bothered to join the military with his feelings on warfare. It made it really difficult to care about him at all. There was also long periods of no action, which also made it a challenge to get into the storyline. Basically, this book is mostly set-up for the entire series. Think of it as a prequel rather than a beginning, and it might make it easier to finish.

Red Tides picks up immediately after the first story ends. Cale is discovered by what’s left of the Egyptian Navy, treated horribly and forced to make supply runs or be killed.

He befriends another prisoner named Naheem, despite the language barrier. The two escape eventually, so Cale can resume his search for a way home to his wife, but the Egyptians continue to hound them.

I enjoyed Lauren’s POV (Cale’s wife) even more than Cale’s POV…there is a lot of twisted drama within her situation. It brought a much-needed dimension that is lacking in the first book.

There is far more action in this sequel, and Lerma has really grown as an author since he first began this series.

Even if you weren’t a fan of the first story, I strongly recommend that readers give this series a second chance.

As I said before, I do recommend this series, based on the second book, so I strongly suggest reading the first book for background information. Hopefully, the author will continue with the writing style of the second book when he writes the third one.

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