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Must-Read For 2014 [Book Review]

Fans of The Infection by Craig DiLouie will most likely enjoy the mutating undead in Sudden Death by James Carlson, although there is nothing sudden about it. You don’t simply READ this book, you PHYSICALLY EXPERIENCE this story. I felt as exhausted as the survivors by the time I reached the end, but in a good “I won’t be sleeping anytime soon” kind of way.

I can’t believe the storyline spanned less than two weeks…Carlson put his characters through every imaginable hell and several that readers won’t be expecting. The only problem that I had was trying to understand the heavy police jargon in the beginning, but it doesn’t continue for very long, once the infection overwhelms the London law enforcement.

While the bond between the survivors leaves something to be desired, no two characters die the same way. Brilliant.

Zombiephiles should definitely make time for this new release from Severed Press.

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