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Murphy’s Law: Sequel to The Plan [Book Review]

Murphy’s Law (Roads Less Traveled Book 2) by C. Dulaney was a great follow-up to The Plan. Just as the first book was divided into parts, so was the sequel. The best part is that the author included far more zombie action, including a brutal carnage scene that had me wondering if there would be any characters left to write a third book in this series.

Kasey, the young woman with the “Z-plan,” has grown up quite a bit since the first story. She faced tremendous losses, mainly due to the problems caused by Kyra, another survivor whom I am sure was hated by many readers…and Kasey has finally exceeded her crap tolerance level.

The POV is mainly Kasey’s, with brief perspectives from members of Kasey’s group, as well as Kyra – now a prisoner of some escaped convicts. The group decided to pursue the convicts, although the survivors have different reasons for hunting the cons down. While en route, Kasey and her friends make some startling discoveries about the undead, which had me screaming, “Game over, man!”

A few more characters were introduced into the series (from a third group), but it wasn’t difficult keeping track of who was who, and a few well-placed flashbacks helped me remember what exactly had happened in The Plan. Even though Dulaney continues to place emphasis on the relationships of the survivors (which nearly tore my heart out), there is no lack of gore in this sequel.

Thankfully, there is no cliff-hanger, but the ending definitely hints at what is sure to be a thrilling third installment.

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