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Meigs Treats Her Fans [Book Review]

Brothers In Arms by Jessica Meigs is basically a treat for fans of The Becoming series…a free treat (on Kindle), which makes me wonder why I’ve seen so many people complaining about it. I don’t know why anyone would read this short story, unless they were already fans of the series…and if you are a fan, you’ll enjoy this background info on the two brothers.

This is the backstory of Theo and Gray, from The Becoming. Considering the nature of their relationship, I appreciated that Meigs took the time to explain to fans what happened to the brothers before they joined the survivors in the main series.

This short piece begins on the day of the evening outbreak. I enjoyed reading it because these two characters now have more depth for me in the series. I’m hoping we’ll see more of their POVs in the third book.

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