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McKinney’s Controversial Book? [Book Review]

Plague of the Undead has caused some controversy. Zombiephiles have threatened to stop reading Joe McKinney books. Perhaps it’s because the story is based so far into the future, but McKinney has a way of describing this post-apocalyptic world without being too wordy, and yet the images stay with you, even when you’ve finished the story…very disturbing images.

This story takes place 30 years after a zombie apocalypse…a man-made plague. The town of Arbella can barely contain the population of ten-thousand people, offsprig of the First Generation to survive the initial outbreak. A group has set out to see if it is possible to safely expand their borders; however, their decades of isolation has left them unprepared for First Contact.

The people of Arbella live by a strict Code, which has helped them survive and thrive, but a betrayal of trust will jeapordize the expedition. There is also the mystery of the exotic airships, which appear to be able to herd the undead hordes.

McKinney basically brought together science fiction and horror to create what I believe is his best story to date. He ties in the cause of the plague to the reason there are still zombies 30 years later, and provides one hell of an explanation for the movement of the hordes.

Last, but not least, McKinney includes four short stories that are extremely entertaining. They include a type of survivor called a Faker, which is devastatingly haunting.

You don’t have to be a zombie fan to appreciate the sci-fi horror between these pages.

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