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Judgement Day Is Here [Book Review]

Judgement Day: Zombie Apocalypse by JE Gurley is another exciting release from Severed Press. I thought Ice Station Zombies by Gurley was pretty good, but the author’s new series is far better. This time, through several POVs, readers are shown how survivors are further victimized by various groups after a flu vaccine and a mutated virus mix for catastrophic results.

One storyline follows a doctor trying to retrieve his wife and son from a camp holding people against their will, another storyline follows the escape attempt of some members of the same camp, yet another storyline follows a soldier struggling with his orders, and a fourth storyline follows a group of scientists frantically searching for a cure. Eventually all the storylines converge as all four groups realize that there is more to the zombies than meets the eye, and the military has horrifying plans for the immune survivors.

I liked the way the POVs overlapped, so readers get to view certain action scenes with incredible depth. My only complaint is that after the survivors begin to join with one another, some of the POVs are dropped out of the story entirely.

The ending was spectacular, and Gurley will definitely hook zombiephiles into his new series with pages and pages of drama and gore.

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