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Jill’s Story: An Online Zombie Story

I was chatting with my friend, Lisa Conger, on Twitter, and she mentioned that chapter 8 was finished. Jill’s Story is a work in progress, and while Lisa claims to be jotting down zombie “daydreams,” I see a potential for a fantastic novella. At first, I was just going to tweet the link ( but then I decided to write a review. (It’s very rare for me to be impressed with something before it’s been through the polishing of a publisher.)

Jill’s Story begins with Jill working in a grocery store, trying to avoid a weirdo in one of the aisles. She heads up to the break room, and zones out on her earphones. Next thing she knows, she’s being shaken by another employee covered in blood. As Sue describes people eating other people to her, Jill looks out the two-way mirror, and struggles to wrap her mind around the chaos and gore down below. Only two other employees, Sam and James, manage to make it to the safety of the break room.

Miss Conger delivers the first kick in the gut, when we find out that Sue has two young children at home with a sitter when the zombie outbreak hits their area…any parent’s nightmare. There is also the irony that they are in a grocery store, but have no access to anything, other than what was in the break room already. These characters do seem to have some common sense, as they bring their meager supplies with them in a make-shift bag, when they decide to make a run for it out the back dock doors.

It wasn’t long before I decided that Sue was a piece of crap. Granted, it’s Jill’s story from her perspective, but she never mentions if Sue is planning to get to her kids somehow. If I was on the run, I would at least be running in the direction of my home. However, I was impressed that they took refuge in a library which had a display of knives and swords. I couldn’t help but wonder if they would read the ZSG while they were there.

What she does find is another survivor named David. Before Jill or the others have the chance to plan anything, the military shows up, and they are not interested in helping anyone but themselves. Despite all the setbacks, Jill seems to be handling the outbreak rather well. I am waiting to see how living among the undead will change her.

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