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It’s Time For A Very Zombie Christmas!

I figured since it was that time of year when, according to Benny Alano, “zombie elves battle vampire snowmen,” I would look for some other holiday zombie tales. I was specifically looking for something new, and I found

A Very Zombie Christmas: A Horror Story.

Finding a short story like this was perfect, since I have been so busy with other book reviews. (This time of year, authors and publishers are even busier than ever it seems.) Rebecca M. Senese did a great job of delivering an exciting undead tale in just a few pages.

Surprisingly, the first half of this story was written in a somewhat serious manner. Melissa is working at a department store, when a zombie outbreak begins in the shoe department. She witnesses one of the other employees get bitten and join the ranks of the infected, but she has a hard time convincing her co-workers that they have a zombie problem — everyone else just thinks it’s the customers acting crazy during their Christmas shopping.

The first person to believe Melissa is a young man named Danny who helps her gear up with what’s available (alas, no guns), and together they fight their way to the security room, where a few other survivors have managed to reach safety. Assisted by another co-worker named Steve, Melissa and Danny search the store to find other survivors, including Danny’s family.

During their search, the story takes a funny twist when Melissa realizes the zombies still have memories of shopping, and have retained their instincts to seek out a sale. Using the promise of 75% off items, the rescue group attempts to lure the infected into an area of the store where they can lock up the undead, and clear the rest of the store of any stragglers.

I would have given the story five stars because I thought it was pretty good for a humorous zombie holiday tale, but I thought the ending was a little on the weak side. I would have liked to see it end on a more serious tone, the same as it began, rather than the cheesy little wrap-up.

If you don’t have time for a full length story, and you appreciate a blend of absurdity, the undead, and a Christmas theme, check out this story about a shopping nightmare.

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