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Is Pluto Contaminated? [Book Review]

I couldn’t help it – I kept thinking of Resident Evil when I was reading Contaminated by Suzanne Robb (published by Severed Press). The story mainly takes place inside of an underground silo that contains several research projects, and when something goes wrong in one of the labs, several employees find themselves fighting through a zombie outbreak in an attempt to get out of the silo alive.

To her credit, Robb did create some interesting characters that were nothing like the ones in the movie, and I found the hell that she put them through quite entertaining. One of the main characters is a scientist who is obsessed with studying rock samples from Pluto, and his obsession leads him to be rather careless with his experiment. As the story progresses, readers find out that both the scientist and his samples are extremely valuable. However, after reading a lot of Robb’s other work – particularly Z-Boat – I was less than impressed with her recent zombie story. It just seemed to lack the originality of her previous horror stories.

Now, I’m not saying this isn’t a good zombie story…I’m just saying that this isn’t Robb’s best work, but I am still hoping that there will be a sequel to show readers what happened topside of the silo. In fact, I wouldn’t mind a prequel that gives readers more background on the research facility itself – especially concerning the competition.

If you did enjoy the movie, and you relish scenarios that include a gauntlet of undead terror, you might appreciate Robb’s take on trapped survivors.

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