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Gareth Wood Is Dead Inside [Book Review]

Dead Inside (Book 3 of Rise) by Gareth Wood is a chilling crime thriller set in a post-apocalyptic community – I loved the combination of suspense, carnage and the undead! It is far different from the first book in the series, Rise, which was told in a journal format, and much more captivating than the second book.

Age of the Dead (Rise Book 2), Book 2 by Gareth Wood, was no longer in journal format, and I thought Wood’s writing style had improved. In addition to the various changes, I also enjoyed the increased focus on the Cold Lake scavenging team led by Brian, the one who was keeping the journal in the first book.

However, Wood takes the series storyline into completely new territory with Dead Inside by jumping nearly a decade ahead, and following only one character from Book 2, Amanda (the young woman with the burn scars). He also adds a new element by introducing a serial killer into his post-apocalyptic world.

The POV switches between several characters which keeps the story moving at a fast-pace, and manages to maintain a high level of suspense despite the secrets revealed by the character’s inner thoughts.

At this point, Gareth Wood could end the series, or continue it in several different ways: he could backtrack to what happened to Cold Lake after Age of The Dead, he could write more stand-alone novels on the rest of Amanda’s survivor group from Book 2, or Wood could continue the current storyline. So many frightening possibilities!

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