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Finally!! Zombified Book 2!! [Book Review]

Zombified: Shady Oaks by Char Robinson picks up several months after Hudson Place. I strongly recommend that fans reread the first book to appreciate how much Robinson has grown as a horror author.

The survivors of Shady Oaks just can’t catch a break. Several months have passed since they left Hudson Place, and everything that could go wrong does…almost all at once too. Captain Sears and his men are hunting the Connor Group, and Mick Carter finally discovers the Connor Group’s true motivation, but the information may be too little, too late.

The character development is great…the various relationships have grown deeper. The people who were showing stupid tendencies in the first book are either dead or they’ve smartened up. Unfortunately, that means they have more to lose, and the zombies continue to evolve. (Robinson definitely gives zombiephiles something to chew on when she reveals more about her undead creations.)

I LOVE what drives the undead to attack the living! I think Robinson is on to something with her addition to the genre. The zombie POV was the perfect touch!

More gore…more action – I hope the next installment doesn’t take as long to be released!

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