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Evolution Among Zombies: Judgement Day Continues [Book Review]

Judgement Day: Redemption by JE Gurley continues the story from Judgement Day: Zombie Apocalypse. In the first book, readers were shown various survivor groups fighting with each other – not for supplies, but for something much more valuable. In the sequel, readers find out what happened to the group that sought safety at the Biosphere. There is also an introduction of a new group: religious fanatics…ORGANIZED religious fanatics – and they are making life VERY difficult for the groups from the first book.

What is most interesting about this series is how Gurley tackles the often-debated issue of rotting flesh (i.e., why the zombies don’t just fall apart): the zombies are a stage of evolution among the infected. Underneath their rotting skin, the former humans are transforming into something else far more difficult to kill. The groups of undead also have pack-like traits emerging, with alpha males, and…well, a critical development that I haven’t read in any zombie book in all my life. Basically, the survivors need to stop fighting amongst themselves because they are about to be royally screwed by some serious infected cock.

The second installment has much more action than the first, as well as a fast-paced storyline. I read this in one sitting, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m now looking forward to reading the third book in the series.

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