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Domain of the Dead: Zombie Duality

Unlike most folks, I read Domain of the Dead by Iain McKinnon after I read Remains of the Dead, and I’m glad that I did. I felt god-like knowing what had happened to the ones that were left behind, while the three who flew off in the helicopter were left to wonder about the fate of their friends. You see, McKinnon had the brilliant idea to write about the same timeline, but each book is from a different perspective/location. In Remains, the reader stays with the group in the undead city. In Domain, the reader flies back with the helicopter group to the military ship conducting experiments at sea.

The group of civilians, who survived in a warehouse for about three years, is nearly out of supplies when two of them on a rooftop are lucky enough to spot a helicopter touching down in their area. Despite being surrounded by hundreds of undead, the warehouse group decides to make a run for what might be their last chance of rescue. However, the soldiers who have landed are not there to look for survivors, but to collect “walking dead” specimens. They are not equipped to take extra people back with them, so a couple of soldiers volunteer to stay behind with the civilians who have to wait for the helicopter’s return.

The three civilians that are rescued are inspected for infection and told that they will have to find jobs or be drafted into the new world military. They aren’t happy about the limited choices, but it beats being surrounded by the stench of decay and constant moaning of the undead…or so they would like to believe. Professor Cutler and Dr. Robertson are studying the nature of the virus on the ship; Cutler thinks he may have found a vaccine, but he doesn’t follow proper protocol in his lab, and an outbreak occurs on the ship as a result. The three civilians reprieve from the undead is very short-lived (no pun intended).

On top of everything going wrong on the ship, the military is afraid that the virus has mutated into an airborne contagion, and have a submarine ready to blow up the ship to stop the virus from reaching landfall.

After having read the two books, I hope that McKinnon writes a third, since both Remains and Domain have some serious loose ends to tie up.

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