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Dead Snow Brings Fun Comedy To The Zombie Nation

dead-snow-dvdIn the world of zombie movies, you probably think of classics like Evil Dead or Night Of The Living Dead. But with newer and funnier zombie movies showing themselves, such as Zombieland and Shaun of The Dead, it makes you wonder how much funnier the all-too-popular zombie genre can get. Well prepare yourselves, zombiephiles, because I have found just that movie – Dead Snow.

IFC stands for the Independent Film Company, and they are the people who helped Dead Snow make its way first to DVD and finally to the Blockbuster nearest to you. Dead Snow is a zombie movie about a couple of med-students that decide to go to one of their friend’s family cabin. This group of students is just dying to go out and have a good time. These three girls and four guys are in for a hell of a surprise – they just don’t realize it yet. As one of the men goes out to find his missing girlfriend in the mountains, the rest are attacked by a force of zombies.

It gets better though. You see, these aren’t your everyday zombies… These are Nazi Zombies!


Mein Leiben!

The Nazi troops were driven out of a village, and into the snow, where they froze to death. They are far from dead now, as they rip out the intestines of their victims. As the two girls go out to get the cars at the bottom of the mountain, the men know what they have to do, in what turns out to be the funniest scene in the movie (in my opinion). As the men fight off the zombie soldiers with chainsaws, hammers, knives, and an old MG-34 German machine gun, the movie gets funnier and funner, but I won’t spoil all of the laughter for you.

Watch the trailer, look for Dead Snow at Blockbuster, and enjoy! If you use Netflix like me, they list it as saved (and therefore unavailable) so for now you’re stuck with Blockbuster. If you use Blockbuster Total Access, it all works out since Dead Snow is on their website, and works like Netflix. And don’t forget, you have to watch it in Norwegian 5.1 with English subtitles for the best/funniest experience.

Editor's Note: This editor watched Dead Snow with subtitles that had first been translated into Mandarin Chinese with a computer, and then re-translated into English, also with a computer. Whether the resulting dialogue was more hilarious than the original, correctly translated dialogue remains in debate to this day.


  1. kemposaurus

    I watched that movie a while back but found it really annoying that it was all in German and the subtitles don’t make sense but it is one of the best funny zombie movies made. I agree completely when you say the chainsaw part is the funniest. I am off to watch that movie again now that you have reminded me, thank you.

  2. LOL @kemposaurus – It’s in Norwegian! But I know what you mean. If the subtitles didn’t make sense, you probably got the thrice-translated ones that I saw.

  3. Tom of the Dead

    I just love the fact that The Zombiphile and I aren’t the only ones on the website who have seen the movie!

  4. As I understand it, Dead Snow is actually pretty popular, even with non-Norwegian audiences. The official English-subtitled DVD comes out next month!

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