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Dead Living: A Love Story [Book Review]

Dead Living - Glenn BullionDead Living by Glenn Bullion was a great zombie read…if you can get past some of the hard-to-swallow details:

1) The survivors don’t begin to couple off until 14 years after the initial outbreak. Who waits THAT long to make a move?

Seriously…how much time do you need to decide if you want to hook-up with someone, when there are only two women, two men, and a baby in your group?!

2) One of the survivors makes a supply run, with a list that includes condoms. What condoms have a shelf life of 14+ years?

Shouldn’t you WANT to help repopulate the human race? Does this have something to do with the fact that it took them 14 years to get in the mood?

3) After 14 years, why are they still doing supply runs? I’m surprised they didn’t learn to be more self-sufficient.

Then again, it did take them a long time just to hook-up.

4) The zombies are still clothed, and it didn’t appear that they were recently infected.

What’s the life expectancy for cotton?

5) They still have viable fuel after 23 years have gone by?!

Wouldn’t the vehicles be out of commision as well?

Luckily, there is a great hook about 1/5 into the story, and the odd details happen less and less. After the two major time jumps (first one 14 years, next one 9 years), the storyline takes off once the two main characters meet. Dead Living goes beyond a tale of survival to a post-apocalyptic love story with zombies.

What really sets Dead Living apart from other undead novels is the focus on the generational gap between survivors. I would waver between pity and admiration for the young survivors who have no memories of the world before the zombie apocalypse.

I think Dead Living will appeal to a lot of zombiephiles, looking for a new angle on post-apocalyptic life.

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