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Bring On The Rain! [Book Review]

rain_zombie_novel_shaun_harbingerRain: A Zombie Novel by Shaun Harbinger was great random find. At first, I was a little concerned that I might not like the main character, Alex, who is also the narrator of the story, because he is so down on himself for being a geek, but the mounting suspense in the beginning hooked me pretty quickly. Four friends are hiking in Wales, when news of a zombie outbreak finally reaches them, but they are somewhat in denial until a couple of soldiers from the SAS confirm their worst fears.

Harbinger gets it. You can’t just throw in undead and gore and expect to call it a zombie story. This author includes all the elements of classic horror: suspense, mystery and one horrifying surprise after another. Using this traditional formula, Harbinger provides thrilling terror without the need for graphic violence on every page.

The zombies are called the Nasties, and through the characters’ dialogue, readers are provided with a basic outline of the viral outbreak. Kudos to the author for including a fabulous original twist on zombies! I LOVED it!

I can’t wait for the sequel!

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