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As Good As Dead…or Undead [Review]

LZR-1143: Perspectives by Bryan James is a collection of stories about background characters from LZR-1143: Infection and LZR-1143: Evolution – two books that I have yet to read, but I’m definitely adding the series to my reading list.

While some of the stories didn’t necessarily have undead appearances, the theme of hopelessness was solid throughout the entire collection. The stories had more depth than mere snapshots of various zombie outbreaks…James did a great job of showing how the last moments of individuals could add up to a worldwide collapse of society.

THE PILOT was about a zombie outbreak on a plane, but it relied more on suspense than gore, avoiding the cheese factor, and providing a thrilling climax.

THE BOY was told through flashbacks to a zombie outbreak on a cruise ship, but the ending was a little too vague for my liking.

THE FRY COOK focused on a zombie attack at a fast-food drive-thru (loved the duality), and included an unusual twist that was a total surprise.

THE INMATE didn’t really have actual zombie interactions, and read more like flash fiction.

THE SUBWAY PASSENGER is my absolute favorite in the entire collection, and one of my all-time favorite zombie short stories, with a terrifying zombie outbreak scenario.

THE SNIPER was another bit of flash fiction without any up-close zombie action; it was a disappointing ending to the collection, especially after reading the previous story.

If you haven’t read this collection yet, go get it…it’s free for Kindle readers.

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