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Coming Soon: Amongst The Dead [Book Review]

Amongst The Dead by David Bernstein is a strange post-apocalyptic story told through the POV of a young girl who is struggling to stay alive in an undead world. Riley is 12yrs old going on 13, and begins the story with the infection of her dad while they are living in a secluded cabin. After her dad’s death, her situation grows more complicated when she is attacked by other survivors.

Riley manages to survive the confrontation, only to be assaulted by one group of survivors after another. Thankfully, Riley finally finds refuge with a family that has managed to avoid the more violent survivors, and she finds some peace…unfortunately, it doesn’t last. During her struggle with the latest bunch of crazies, Riley discovers some startling secrets about her past.

The story isn’t so much about survival as it is about self-discovery in a hostile environment. The ending was a bit abrupt, and felt a little rushed, so I’m hoping this means there will be a sequel to look forward to.

Amongst The Dead will not be released until November 2012; in the meantime, I recommend Bernstein’s Machines of the Dead.

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