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Zombies in Plain English

Zombiephiles of the world, rejoice! Common Craft, a website dedicated to providing explanations for everything under the sun in simple, plain English, with accompanying videos, has finally taken the zombie threat seriously – they’ve posted a Zombies in Plain English guide to understanding, surviving, and ultimately thriving, in the context of a zombie outbreak.

This zombiephile’s undead heart is warmed to see that someone out there finally agrees that setting zombies on fire is a terrible idea (see our Ten WORST Things to Do During a Zombie Outbreak). Now, can we all just agree that using chainsaws on zombies is a bad idea?


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  2. Jonno

    I remember watching this on youtube a while ago
    Mostly good exept for the chainsaw bit, their a big NO NO

  3. Right on, Jonno – no chainsaws! Seriously, anyone who says you should use a chainsaw against zombies has probably not actually used one…

  4. Luke

    Chainsaw – Loud, runs on fuel, prone to jamming/stalling and when you get to cutting up undead peeps its going to get clogged up in there. Now why would anyone choose this over say… a shovel?

  5. MajMike

    Any weapon that flings infected flesh/fluids during the kill should be replaced, don’t infect your comrades or yourself.

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