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Zombie Apocalypse: Chronicles – Raider Recon

This short video is prequel to the recently released Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption, featuring characters from the actual movie. A trio of Raiders (ex-military survivors with a serious attitude) has been dispatched to search for an item at a Raider safe house. The recon party is led by The Executioner, aka Belfour (Ghelan Ismail), who has Lt. Barrett (Wayne Ten II) and Sgt. Haggar (Jeremy Haney) in tow. When they arrive to the seemingly abandoned building, they discover two female survivors: Cienfuegos (Angelique Sky) and Erica (Andrea Abbate), who have been holed up in the ramshackle dwelling for several days. The women are only looking to escape from the nearby undead horde, but they picked the wrong house to hide in. After a brutal interrogation by Belfour, the small group of survivors realizes there are more pressing matters to deal with. A herd of zombies begins to swarm around them, forcing evasive action.

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