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The Crazies Movie Trailer

For you younger zombiephiles out there, you probably don’t remember “The Crazies,” one of Romero’s earliest movies. Although not technically a zombie movie, it’s still remembered as one of Romero’s best.

That’s why we were pretty stoked when we heard that they’ve made a remake, and it’s about to open. We’ve brought you the Crazies trailer for your viewing perusal. Check it:

Yeah. Pretty freakin’ awesome, although it’s sure to get some hardcore zombiephiles’ backs up when we call it a zombie movie. Let’s all agree to disagree on this one until we’ve gone out and actually seen it, eh?


  1. Kemp

    George Romero’s movies will always be the best out there…

  2. ian

    yeah, he`s th best guy for making a zombie film.
    but max brooks is the best guy for zombie novels.
    i mean, could you imagine max brooks and george a. romero working together on a zombie project? it`d be like land of the dead mixed with world war z, usng a farmhouse of night of the living dead with the occupants fighting with weapons from the zombie survival guide, and then you have scientist like in day of the dead and wars like the batte of yonkers, and at the end everyone who made it escapes in a helicopter like in dawn of the dead and then they travel to an island like honolulu where the president declares total war, and in between a zombie bite victim dies and attacks the doctor who treats him an he dubs himm patient zero…
    you get the picture, the picture of AWESOME.

  3. LMAO. Ian, you’re cool. “You get the picture. The picture of AWESOME!”

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