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[REC]2 Movie Trailer

[REC] was one of the best zombie movies that this zombiephile has ever seen, and [REC]2 is shaping up to be an excellent zombie movie as well.

Following in the tradition of [REC], this Spanish-language zombie looks like it takes place in the same building as [REC] did – which I’ve got to say appeals to me. [REC] was a profoundly scary horror movie, and the shaky hand camerawork fit perfectly with the plot of the movie. [REC]2 seems to pick up right where [REC] left off, with the military entering the zombie-infested building and, of course, promptly being eaten by zombies.

No idea yet of a US release date for [REC]2, so until then you’ll just have to keep watching the [REC 2] movie trailer over and over like this zombiephile keeps doing.

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