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Official World War Z Movie Trailer in HD

The long-awaited World War Z movie trailer has finally been released in glorious HD for all you zombie fans out there. The WWZ movie, which is based on the Max Brooks zombie novel of the same name, is produced by and stars Brad Pitt. The trailer looks absolutely phenomenal, but it also raises some interesting questions for zombie fans about how faithful the World War Z movie has been to the original World War Z book.

Check out the trailer:

We zombie fans can make a few observations right away:

  1. In the slow-zombie / fast-zombie spectrum, these zombies are way over on the fast-zombie side. There are a couple of pretty badass clips in this trailer that show the zombies moving almost as a fluid mass – a far cry from the kind of slow, shambling zombies we see elsewhere in the zombie canon. That means that the World War Z movie is likely going to be action-packed, with less focus on survival and more focus on battle.
  2. The plot of the World War Z movie has been significantly altered from the plot of the World War Z book. Remember, Max Brooks’ original WWZ book was an “oral history” – a collection of interviews with various survivors about the early days after the zombie outbreak and the war to take back the world which, by the time the interviewer is collecting his history, has already for the most part been saved. The WWZ movie, on the other hand, seems to follow a main character (Brad Pitt) as he takes the fight to the zombies and struggles to keep his family safe. Those two plots have a pretty big divide and it’s likely to leave zombie fans wondering whether their favorite characters, scenes and stories from the World War Z book will make an appearance in the World War Z movie.
  3. The budget for the World War Z movie is massive. The genre has come a long way from Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead,” filmed on a single set financed by loans from friends and family. We’re likely to see more zombies on-screen in the WWZ movie than perhaps ever before (although the most recent Resident Evil certainly set a new standard). That’s almost certainly going to translate into a bigger body count, so I’m going to go ahead and recommend that parents don’t plan on seeing World War Z with their kids.

So what do you think, zombiephiles? Are you stoked to see World War Z or are you worried that it’ll stray too far from the book? Let us know in the comments.

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