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Plants VS. Zombies Shambles onto the iPhone

For those of you who haven’t heard already, Popcap’s now-classic Plants VS. Zombies has finally shambled onto the iPhone – and it’s freakin’ awesome!

Zombie slayin' on the iPhone has never been so much fun.

If you somehow avoided Plants VS. Zombies when it came out last year, that’s OK – well, actually, it’s not OK. It’s not OK at all. Plants VS. Zombies is easily one of the most popular zombie video games of all time, and probably the most addictive. A “tower defense” game, Plants VS. Zombies puts you in the unlikely situation of being forced to protect your home from zombies with nothing but plants at your disposal.

Now, I understand that might not sound ridiculously fun. It is, however, ridiculously, outrageously, insanely fun. In fact, I’m going to go there and say that Plants VS Zombies is easily the best zombie game on the iPhone, and in fact, one of the best all-around games for the iPhone so far.

Plants VS. Zombies isn’t just a port of the PC game – in fact, it’s actually more fun to play on the iPhone than the PC; the simple touch-and-click gameplay is easy, intuitive, and has an incredibly fast learning curve. The graphics look great, and the game plays beautifully on the iPhone or iPod touch.

Don’t take this Zombiephile’s word for it – for $1.99, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find more zombie-slayin’ action than PvZ. Check it out, and don’t worry about thanking us – we’ll understand if we don’t see you for a couple of weeks. Plants VS. Zombies kinda has that effect on people.

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