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Zombie Test – Which Zombie Survival Hero Are You?

Everybody loves a good zombie survival hero. Ever wondered which one you’d turn out to be? Wonder no more – our Which Zombie Survival Hero Are You personality test should set you straight.

  1. You're standing in front of an array of weapons and tools, and beyond that, a veritable ocean of zombies. You reach for...

  2. What's your preferred zombie survival strategy?

  3. Right before the zombies attacked, you were...

  4. Just where do you think those blasted zombies came from, anyway?

  5. What's the best place to hold out against zombies?

  6. How do you feel about military assistance against the zombies?

  7. When it comes to zombies, the best defense is...

  8. Zombies are about to nom on your buddy's brains. What do you do?


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  2. kain777381

    hell yeah give me some sugar baby, ash all the way!!! Good, Bad, im the guy with the gun!

  3. Tom of the Dead

    This……Is My BOOM-STICK!!!!!!!
    Good, Bad, Im the guy with the gun.

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  5. NinjaZombieHunter

    Most of the way I would Survival is not even on the list so fu*k this.

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