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School Zombies

So what would you do if zombies attacked at your school? Imagine if it was just you left… what would you do? Run? Hide? Scream? Fight? It’s one of the last places people expect a zombie apocalypse to start, but its just as possible as anywhere else.

Remember, you're gonna have to kill your zombie classmates.

So Zombies have began to take over your city and you’re stuck in your school; what do you do and what do you need?

Okay…This is what I would do:

  1. I would go to the food classroom and take all of the knives, food and anything that could be used as a weapon.
  2. I would then move to the art and DT rooms, taking all of the hammers, files and saws, etc. By now my bags should be full.
  3. I would then go to the PE department and get all of the javelins and bats i can carry.
  4. I would get to the roof of the school using the ladders (which most schools have). This is because zombies aren’t supposed to climb, but if they can i have lots of exits and can easily fight them.
  5. I would sharpen the ends of the javelins if they aren’t already sharp and place them in the ground pointing diagonally up, like the Spartans did. The zombies will most probably walk straight into them, because they’re so dumb. They would then get stuck in the javelins and would probably kill them if the javelins go through their heads.
  6. I could then stay on the roof with the food and weapons, killing the zombies if they do manage to get on the roof.
  7. I would wait for a day or two and then make other plans and try to find others and get supplies.
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  1. zombiekiller

    heres what i would do:
    Get as many weapons as i can carry, anything that i can use baseball bat, knives,forks stuff like that
    i would NOT go to the roof i would got to the computer lab
    then i would go looking for food and other supplies
    when i returned to the lab i would try to find anyone left that hasnt been invected…
    after that i would try to get a bus and fill it up with all of my supplies and find my way to my house and take everyone and there supplies to the school and use it as a base…
    but thats just what i would do.
    here are some things i didnt like about your plan:
    you would go up to the roof? if you are up there you can escape an invasion.

  2. Alhazred

    i’m pretty sure there are three things i would prize above all else in this situation.

    #1) have you seen those giant paper-cutter things in the teachers’ lounge? yeah. those things are practically machetes with reinforced blades. put that thing in my hands and i’ll show you what a sharp piece of metal can do with a 405lb bench press behind it. hello diced zombie brain.

    #2) my SECOND-BEST friend. some one i can trust to think like i think and act as i would act, but who just happens to be a tidbit below my level in most respects. i want to be in charge of my own fate, and i’m not going to let my best-friend-turned-sadistic-asshole try and take over. lacking that, i would grab the most able-bodied guy in sight – as long as he’s not too good looking, because…

    #3) the hottest piece of ass i can get my hands on.

    i’m all for taking out my aggression on undead skulls, but there’s no chance in hell i’m doing it abstinent. people seem to overlook the hero’s greatest asset: a cute girl. there’s simply no way to maintain your sanity without a bit of the opposite sex to cuddle up with and relieve all the pent-up stress the zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world is going to impose on you.

    and then i’m getting the fuck out. i’m not much of a gambler, and there’s no way i’m going to roll the dice with my life at stake. i mean seriously? hole up in a school? haha. good joke.

    so you can sit in the computer lab and hoard as many art supplies as you want. i’m going to grab a weapon, recruit a lackey, and wrangle up some entertainment. the zombie outbreak isn’t going to be a fifteen minute joyride, and i’m sure as hell not going to spend all my time couped up in a school surrounded by flesh-eating freshmen.

  3. dzombieguy

    easy. drive around, picking up supplies and survivors, in the school minivans ( tweo of them, thats a lot of survivors/supplies). get back to school, lock eveythng from the inside including the gates. do a bit of reinforcing on the school and the vans ( for when we need supplies/a quick getaway), and trust the school gardeno=ing area/gym/cookery rooms/cinema (yeah, i go to an awesome school) and use the supplies picked up from the nearby shopping centre, which includes a gun shop, DIY shop, loads of food shops/restraunts, and a gardening shop. even a camping shop! then just hole up for either the rest fo my life or untill it blows over.

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