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Zombie Preppers Guide to Body Armor

When the chips are down, you’re gonna want more than cotten between you and the undead. To that end, this guest post comes to you from Safeguard Clothing, folks who make the kind of body armor that a zombiephile can only dream of.

Zombies abound in films, stories, video games, and TV series. Zombie outbreaks have been bugging the minds of regular people for over 40 years, since the release of George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead.” Some have decided to take advantage of the trend and make some pretty good money, while others couldn’t get rid of the thought that it might actually happen. Whether you want to have some fun or you’re really concerned about the zombie outbreak, you’ll find this article interesting as we take a deeper look into the importance and functionality of body armor on the zombie-flooded streets of your city.

Cover Your Body Up

Whether it’s a vicious unstoppable virus or an ancient curse, humans become zombies through a bite. That’s why one of the very first things you want to do in case of zombie outbreak is protect your body. Of course, it depends on what you have beside you – you’re lucky if you’re a hockey rugby or American football player and have your athletic pads lying in the closet. Another type of clothing that can protect you from zombie bites is motorcycle body armor. These two types aren’t quite comfortable, though, and can be a bit bulky – even interfere with your movement. But it’s not a fashion runway you’ll need the body armor for – it’s about your survival amidst thousands of zombies surrounding you. You shouldn’t wrap yourself up to the point of complete immobility, but covering all of your body with good protection is one of the very first things you want to do in case your neighbors decide your brain is their favorite dish.

Go Bulletproof

While the main danger you face when encountering a zombie crowd is their teeth and numbers, comic books and TV series like The Walking Dead have taught us that there can be some really offensive survivors who might want to get their hands on you. A zombie outbreak would doubtless lead to the collapse of any authority, and a lot of police precincts and weapon stores will be open for “free stuff.” Try taking advantage of any of these and get bulletproof vests for you and your co-survivors.

A bulletproof vest will not only protect you from zombie bites, but will also give you protection from other survivors who might want to take your food, ammo, etc. Having a gun won’t hurt either. Sites like don’t sell guns but do offer bullet proof vest protection for anyone that’s interested. If you’re not a good shooter, you’re gonna need the best body armor possible, because if you encounter an enemy who’s a better shooter than you, you don’t want to fall prey at their hands.

Sportswear Is Fine, but the Real Body Armor Is Best

Let’s get back to athletic pads for a minute. While they can be a good choice in the beginning, you should really look for an opportunity to upgrade to tactical body armor. Be a smart prepper and don’t rush into the easiest decisions, because they can be the death of you. And remember to remain a human and not turn into a monster that would be no better than the zombies you’re trying to avoid.


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