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Zombie Minimates Decals Now Available

This just in from Luke’s Toy Store:

The Zombie Minimates Decal Kit has staggered into Luke’s Toy Store!

Luke’s latest decal kit is all about the undead! The Zombie Minimates Decal Kit will allow you to create 6 unique brain-hungry zombies to add to your Minimate block figure collection. You won’t have to worry about hunting for parts, as these horrific characters can be made by combining parts from Minimate sets that are currently available. Plus, this kit comes with an additional 6 zombie faces that you can use with almost any other Minimate, for a total of 12 terrifying zombies! It is a fun and easy way to expand your Minimate collection. These decals have been designed so that anyone can apply them using only a bowl of water and a sharp scissors or hobby knife. After a little practice you can make a brand new zombie in as little as 10 minutes!

Read more about the Zombie Minimates Decal Kit at Luke’s Toy Store here:!


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