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Zombie Contact Lenses to Complete the Zombie Look

So you’ve got your zombie walk all planned out. You’ve got your torn, blood-stained clothing. You’ve painstakingly applied gore and torn skin makeup to your face and exposed bits. You’ve practiced your zombie shamble and you’re pretty much ready to go. There’s just one problem – those plain-jane eyes you’ve got. Every zombiephile worth his salt knows that zombie eyes are all scary-looking – bloodshot, red, creepy. If you’re going to complete the look, there’s one more item you’re going to need to put on your zombie costume list – zombie contact lenses.

Luckily for you, has you covered. They produce high-quality zombie contact lenses to give your eyes that undead luster you’ve been searching for. Check out some of the images they’ve got posted up:

28 Days Later Zombie Contact Lenses

Land of the Dead Zombie Contact Lenses

Dead Snow Zombie Contact Lenses

Currently they’ve got three models for sale through their website, and I can only assume they’ve got more slated down the line. If you’re making your own zombie movie, planning a zombie Halloween outfit, or gearing up for your local zombie walk, you’re going to need a set of zombie contact lenses like these. Or, of course, you can just put on a little gore and show up at work – although this zombiephile won’t take any responsibility if your head gets smashed in while you’re wearing them!

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