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Zombie Tabletop RPG “Zombie Cataclysm” is a Zombie Geek’s Dream

Zombiephiles, I’m going to make a sweeping generalization. Many of us have, at one time or another, played a tabletop role playing game. You know the kind I’m talking about. The kind that requires a pencil and a piece of paper, a set of geometrically complicated dice, and your imagination. Yes, I’m talking about that kind of role playing game, not the kind that requires that you repeatedly mash buttons on a video game controller.

For most of us, tabletop role playing games are considered to belong to the realms of science fiction or fantasy (but, never, NEVER, that genre-bending mess that occurs when you try to combine the two). The folks over at Zombie Cataclysm hope to change all that, however, with the recent release of their Zombie Cataclysm role playing game, which (possibly for the first time), puts the dice in your hand and asks you to roll that 20-sided die to see whether your fire axe successfully cleaves off a zombie’s head.

To be quite honest, I’m shocked that nobody thought of it before, and I’m glad to see that Zombie Cataclysm is in the hands of, from the looks of it, some geeks whose awesome geekiness makes this geeky zombiephile look like a geekend warrior.

You see, the problem with zombie video games is that they’re way, way too limited. There are things that any right-minded zombiephile would think of doing (like building barricades made out of bicycles, for example, which any zombiephile knows are notoriously difficult to clamber through) that you just can’t do in your typical zombie video game.

That’s where Zombie Cataclysm excels – with the right Game Master, you can do just about anything that you can do in real life. No more will you ask yourself, “Why would you pass up a perfectly good fire extinguisher when you could be using it to whack zombies about the head with?” Because Zombie Cataclysm, being a pen-and-paper zombie rpg, lets you do whatever your mind can think of – and zombiephiles are notoriously imaginative.

You can get your copy of the Zombie Cataclysm book (which contains all the information the Game Master and players will ever need to know to get a rip-roaring game of Zombie Cataclysm going) in either PDF (USD $15) or Paper format (USD $23) at With the holiday season coming up, this is the perfect gift for the ultra-geeky zombiephile in your life – and best of all, it’s one of those gifts you can open up and start playing immediately (Dice not included, so make sure you have a solid polyhedral set of dice in the gift box along with the book).

So put away that AD&D Dungeon Master’s guide – that’s soooo 1993 – and pickup yourself a copy of Zombie Cataclysm instead!

Now is it too much to hope that a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) version is in the works?

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