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Nine Great Zombie Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, Zombiephiles – but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late for you to get that perfect zombie Christmas gift for the special zombiephile in your life. Luckily for you our yule-crazed Zombiephile has created a massive list of zombie Christmas gift items that are all the rage this holiday season. Order now and you might actually have a chance of seeing them by Christmas!

Zombie Movies

  1. Fido is one of the those rare heartwarming zombie movies where you’ll happily root for the zombies. The story of a boy and his semi-domesticated zombie pal, Fido is a fun romp through an alternate 1950’s in which World War 2 somehow ended with a global zombie outbreak. With great performances from all involved, Fido is a great stocking stuffer for the zombie fan in your life.

  2. Shaun of the Dead is, in this Zombiephile’s personal opinion, one of the greatest zombie movies ever made. A meta-textual romantic zombie comedy, Shaun of the Dead is one of those immensely satisfying movies that zombie fans can watch over and over again. If you don’t have a copy of this zom-com in your house, the holidays are the perfect excuse to add it to your DVD collection.

  3. The 2004 re-imagining of George Romero’s classic, Dawn of the Dead turned out to be a fantastic, terrifying zombie survival movie that made this zombiephile think twice about going to the shopping mall. Zombiephiles young and old will appreciate Dawn of the Dead for its realistic action, memorable characters, and totally awesome gore. Also the story doesn’t suck and the end is great. Put this one under the tree for the zombie fan in your life and you won’t regret it.

Zombie Books

  1. The Zombie Survival Guide is one of the books that really heralded the return of the zombie to dominance over popular culture. Written by Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks, The Zombie Survival Guide is a surprisingly serious look at zombie survival. Written in a hilarious deadpan, it’s required reading for any zombie lover and an excellent zombie Christmas gift. Bonus points are awarded if this zombiephile finds a copy in your bathroom.

  2. Quite possibly the best zombie book this zombiephile has ever read, World War Z is a completely different experience than most users expect, and is a surprisingly lucid look at the way our society operates in the midst of, and following, crisis. World War Z is written as a set of interviews, making it, as its subtitle suggests, an oral history of the zombie war. With a World War Z movie in the works, Zombiephiles won’t want to miss World War Z.

  3. Zombocalypse Now is surprisingly fun mature take on the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books we all had so much fun with when we were kids and last month at grandma’s house. The story of a stuffed bunny on a blind date in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, Zombocalypse Now will keep you frantically flipping pages until you survive the zombocalypse – or, most likely, die horribly.

  4. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombies! is a great book to have kicking around this holiday season to bridge the gap between the dead and the living in your holiday festivities. A merry bunch of zombie-themed Christmas carols written to the tune of traditional Christmas hits, It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombies! will keep those zombies in your family busy moaning Christmas carols – instead of unwrapping your brains.

Zombie Video Games

  1. When it comes to zombie video games, as far as this Zombiephie is concerned, you don’t get much better than Left 4 Dead 2. The sequel to last year’s co-op zombie survival shooter, Left 4 Dead 2 is a dramatic improvement on the graphics, storyline, and gameplay, including 5 new campaigns, new special infected, new gameplay modes and, best of all, melee weapons. You can get Left 4 Dead 2 for pretty cheap currently, so get it now before it’s $50 again. Yikes.

  2. Resident Evil – The Darkside Chronicles (Wii) is the sequel to the popular Nintendo Wii game Resident Evil – The Umbrelle Chronicles. A zombie-rail shooter, Resident Evil – The Darkside Chronicles (Wii) is an incredibly fun shooter that lets users replay some of the Resident Evil series’ greatest scenes from a first-person perspective, blasting their way through several plotlines. Allowing users to upgrade their weapons and acquire new ones, and scoring each player’s progress, Resident Evil – The Darkside Chronicles (Wii) is a fairly addictive zombie video game – the perfect gift for the zombiephile with a Wii.

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