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Dawn of the Ted – Zombie Teddy Bears Have Arrived

If you’ve ever worried about the lack of zombie teddy bears in the world, you can worry no longer. BadTasteBears, your source for alternative collectibles, has launched their “Dawn of the Ted” zombie teddy bear series, and they’re, well, a-gore-able. Choose from a handful of high-quality, zombified bears, each with their own distinctive zombiefied personality.

Check out some of the pics from the Dawn of the Ted collection:

Dawn of the Ted - Let Sleeping Dogs Die

Dawn of the Ted - Life's Such a Drag

Dawn of the Ted - Bursting with Joy

These bad bears are in extremely short supply – according to the BadTasteBears website, there are less than 220 in circulation worldwide, so if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the zombiephilic collector in your life, the Dawn of the Ted series might be just what the doctor ordered.

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