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Another Sweet Zombie T-Shirt Deal From Crazy Dog T-Shirts!

We’ve featured Crazy Dog T-Shirts‘ zombie tees on our site before, and we’re happy to announce that they’re doing another amazing deal on some awesome zombie tee shirts over on their website.

For a limited time, you can get five of Crazy Dogs’ best zombie tee shirts at the low cost of $39.99 – that’s about $8 per t-shirt, and that’s a price you’re going to have a hard time beating. You’re not going to find these cool zombie shirts anywhere else, so pick them up while they’re still available!

"A Zombie lovers dream! Grab a handful of our best selling Zombie Tshirts for just $39.99. Our 5 best Zombie tees are on the menu for this'll get the Choose Your Weapon Zombie T shirt, the Zombie Survival Guide shirt, Zombie Outbreak Response Team T-Shirt, and the Zombie Want a Hug shirt in Black AND White. Grab your Zombie Lovers kit today at a huge savings...just choose your size and you're good to go."

Source: Crazy Dog T Shirts


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    Steve Strank
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